I’ve seen too many nurses retire with the same health issues as the patients they cared for. At least one half to one third of nurses, along with other occupations, work the night shift. My goal is to retire with continued good health, energy, and without health issues so that I can continue being an effective wife, mother, and grandmother. I believe in Complementary Health Care. There is a time and place for medical care and self-care. I’ve seen too many instances where illnesses and hospitalization could have been avoided with due diligence in self-care, a focus on health and wellness, and stress management. Some co-workers have told me they want to look like me when they are my age; healthy and looking years younger.  This first book, Night Shift—Maintaining Health and Wellness, is the first of several books I hope to write. It’s not perfect but, it does convey the strategies and tools workers need to consider when scheduled on the night shift.


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Are you prepared to work the night shift?


  • Sleep environment simulates night?
  • Do you have a dedicated time for sleep?  Sleeping 8 hours?
  • Have a routine and tools to enhance sleep
  • Stress factors unique to night shift work
  • Food night shift workers should consider and should avoid
  • Strategies to maintain health and wellness


Risks of working night shift


  •  Weight gain
  • The  Carcinogenic factor
  • Chronic sleep deprivation
  • Digestive issues such as bloating, gas, foods you used to eat just don’t settle right.
  • Increase in belly fat- spreading midriff
  • Metabolic changes such as develop of hypertension or diabetes
  • Forgetfulness, not picking up on poignant details


This book can provide food for thought for you to evaluate your:


  • Current sleep pattern
  • Behavior changes to enhance sleep
  • Adaptation to night work
  • Tools and strategies for promoting sleep
  • Stress management and nutritional needs
  • Development of some or all of the risks of working night shift
  • Strategies to become your healthiest while working at night



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